Building Advantage Wisconsin

What is Building Advantage?

The Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin actively promotes the benefits of hiring union construction contractors and trades people through the creation of Building Advantage — an organization comprised of nearly 20,000 trades people, 600 contractors and six management associations throughout Wisconsin.

The primary roles of Building Advantage are:

  • Promote the benefits of union construction
  • Create awareness that union contractors and trades people are the best choice in the industry
  • Get ahead of projects to secure jobs for as many Building Advantage members as possible

From the local unions who train and provide exceptional benefits for their workers to the contractors that hire our members to the customers who provide the work, each section of our industry understands that we are only as good as each other allows us to be.

Working together to help all sides of the business gives our customers the confidence that their project will be completed on time, on budget, and with the highest industry safety standards.

Building Advantage has had success and sees great potential in working directly with the following:

General contractors
Contractor associations
Labor leaders

We will continue to establish solid relationships with all of these groups in order to benefit construction projects from bidding to building and beyond.