Building Advantage Wisconsin

What is Building Advantage?

Building Advantage was created by The Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin to actively promote the benefits of hiring union construction contractors and trades people. We are comprised of nearly 20,000 trades people, 600 contractors and six management associations throughout Wisconsin.

Building Advantage exists to:

  • Promote the benefits of union construction
  • Create awareness that union contractors and trades people are the best choice in the industry
  • Get ahead of projects to secure jobs for as many Building Advantage members as possible

Building Advantage works directly with the following partners:

General contractors
Contractor associations
Labor leaders

Who Is Building Advantage?

Ken Kraemer

Executive Director, CLMC and Building Advantage

Ken promotes the cooperation between labor and management on issues affecting the union construction industry, as well as working toward market recovery.

Ken has served for 30 years in various roles — as an apprentice and journeyman with Steamfitters Local 601, a foreman and project manager for several contractors, a lobbyist with the Wisconsin Pipe Trades Association, and a union contractor. He has established himself as a strong resource on labor and management relations.

Ken is also on the WRTP/BIG STEP Board of Directors.

He has participated in numerous industry-specific gatherings including:

  • Building Trades Legislative Conference
  • National Pipe Line Conference
  • United Association Conference
  • National Labor Law Training Program with the American Bar Association

Call Ken: (262) 229-5959

Anna Molinaro

Communications Director

Anna promotes the work being done by union contractors and trades people through various marketing, public relations and political affairs efforts.

Anna holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Prior to coming to Building Advantage, Anna worked at WRTP/BIG STEP for four years – her most recent role being a Youth Program Coordinator. She worked directly with high school staff and area employers to provide meaningful career exploration programs for high school students in both the manufacturing and construction sectors.

Anna’s expertise includes:

*Program Development
*Program coordination and monitoring
*Internal and external communications
*Youth Recruitment and Retention
*Press releases and media advisories
*Social media (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)

(414) 897-1146