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Archive: Apr 2009

Ironworkers Local 8

The circumstances surrounding Brent Emons’ return to the Ironworkers Local 8 are unique, but not surprising. Emons is an ironworker by trade, and is proud to be back at Local 8 as their Business Manager to help share the traditions and values with the next generation of brothers and sisters. As many trades people know, ironworkers hold one of the most dangerous jobs in the trades. With that danger comes a mutual respect for colleagues, and a level of pride that many consider to be unmatched in the industry.

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Elm Road Generating Station

A Powerful Example of Labor and Management Collaboration

It is the largest private construction project in state history – a vitally important endeavor that will literally help power Wisconsin. Yet getting the Elm Road Generating Station expansion underway was no simple feat. As far back as 1998, We Energies and the Milwaukee Building and Construction Trades Council (MBCTC) started lobbying for statutory changes that would help secure the project. This effort became part of a larger endeavor known as “Power the Future” – We Energies’ strategy to meet the growing energy needs of their customers.

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Faust Company: Bridging the Generations

Bob and Bryan Faust, the father and son team from the Faust Company, Inc., are true experts in the plumbing industry. For five generations, the Faust family has worked in plumbing – with four of those generations having attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison for engineering degrees – so it’s no wonder that they know what they are talking about.

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