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Archive: Jan 2010

Milwaukee’s City Hall Restoration

A couple of years ago, a Building Advantage newsletter article on the Milwaukee City Hall restoration project highlighted the impressive aspects of the project from the amount of bricks to the number of workers to unique building solutions. However, the end result has surpassed even those high expectations, and the project is receiving recognition for a number of reasons.

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A Butters-Fetting Success Story

It comes as no surprise when you sit down with Ed Tonn, President of Butters-Fetting that he loves what he does. The passion needed to make a business in today’s economy last is undoubtedly high, but to make the company last for over 85 years is quite impressive. Butters-Fetting is a mechanical contractor on the south side of Milwaukee, employing over 150 people both in the field and in management.

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Operating Engineers, Local 139

Longstanding History and Pride Leads the Operating Engineers to Success
by Dave Backmann, Communications Director, Local 139

The International Union of Operating Engineers Local 139 marked its 107th anniversary in 2009 with the reopening of its expanded and remodeled headquarters building in Pewaukee.

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New Union Training Centers

A Commitment to the Future: Unions Develop New Training Resources in Tight Economy

The union construction industry in general, and Building Advantage in particular, consistently tout their commitment to their members and training, while also recognizing the need to prepare the workforce of tomorrow for the brighter economic days to come.

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Changes Help us Move Forward


It comes as no surprise that our industry is facing difficult times, and although we are seeing some movement with projects, there is a ways to go before things really turn around.

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