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Archive: Apr 2010

Supporting the Troops

Labor and Management Work Together to Support the Troops at the Elm Road Generating Station

After watching a television program on C-SPAN in late 2007, Gary Glidden, Craft Safety Representative with Ironworkers Local 8 on the Elm Road Generating Station, was compelled to show his support for the U.S. troops.

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Staff Electric, Inc.

Strong Business Decisions and Management Team Make Staff Electric Successful

You want to be the solution to their problem, not the problem.”

A simple and logical statement, but Mike Lochmann, President of Staff Electric, feels it’s the reason the company has been so successful over the years. Incorporated in 1918, with company records dating back to 1911, Staff Electric has done what few companies have been able to do – remain in business for nearly a century.

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Marquette University Builds

Changing the face of Milwaukee, One Project at a Time

When you meet Tom Ganey, University Architect at Marquette University, you wouldn’t guess he’s been a part of 17 major construction projects totaling nearly $350 million dollars since he began working for Marquette since 1994. Of those projects, six were brand-new buildings – two of which are currently under construction: The Law School building, set to be completed in June of this year, and the engineering building that broke ground in January. Planning for projects begins several years before breaking ground, when the individual departments bring their needs for new facilities to Marquette’s senior leadership. This process has served Marquette well – it sparked interest in designing a new dental building, which helped catapult the dental school into a nationally recognized program. Looking back over the projects that have literally changed the face of Marquette, it’s clear the university has improved its campus as well as its city.

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Making RPP Work for You

As you might be aware, public sector work is increasing in our area, and it might be the majority of work we will see in the coming months and years. Building Advantage has been doing its part to give our members opportunities to get back to work, and the Residential Preference Program (RPP) might provide some of you with a way to begin working again.

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Laborers Local 113

Labor of Love: Community Involvement Helps Shape Union’s Future

In 2000, when John Schmitt took over as Business Manager for Laborers Local 113, he stepped into a position that would reinforce his beliefs about the union while simultaneously helping his family, membership and community members. The past 10 years have seen many changes and advancements within the Laborers, and Schmitt feels strongly that the unions’ community outreach has served them well.

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