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Archive: Oct 2012

Optimistic about the Future

Change isn’t always the most popular or easiest decision to make, but I’m pleased to see that when both sides come together and agree on the best course of action to take, we are stronger. Less than six months ago we had multiple contracts up, and because of the changes that both labor and management were willing to make, we are moving forward together.

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Klein Dickert

There are many aspects to a construction project including contractors, materials, timelines, budgets, etc. One part of most projects that is often overlooked by the general public is the important role that subcontractors play on every project. One such project that was defined by a subcontractor was the Moderne and that contractor was Klein Dickert Milwaukee, Inc.

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Lifetime Achievement Award, 2012

Wally Wellenstein is one of a kind, and if you are close friends of his you know exactly what I mean. He began working at the company his father built, Wellenstein & Sons, 58 years ago when he was 28 and had been mostly working as a mason in northern Wisconsin for his Uncle. Wellenstein & Sons was incorporated on March 26, 1953 and has remained in the Wellenstein family through three generations.

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Dan Wargolet, PM

Construction managers put a lot of faith in the hands of their project managers in what can best be described as a sink or swim situation. The good news for Dan Wargolet is that J.P. Cullen & Sons, Inc. (Cullen) provided him with floatation devices, but Dan had a few of his own too.

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