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Archive: Mar 2013

Construction Matters

First of all, welcome to our new e-newsletter, The Blueprint. We have taken a lot of time and effort into making sure we’re communicating with all of our stakeholders in a timely, seamless and cost-effective manner. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy the articles, videos and pictures we’ll share with you, and take time to look around on our new website as well.

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Building Advantage March Update

Every month at the CLMC Executive Board meeting there are a lot of different initiatives we discuss that are new, ongoing or updates of where we’ve focused our efforts. In the past, we included thus information in our Building Advantage Monthly update, but in moving forward we’ll share the information in our new our e-newsletter, The Blueprint.

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BIG STEP Tutoring Positions

We just got word that BIG STEP is looking to hire more tutors. If anyone knows a college students who might be looking for work or even a retired tradesmen, please read through the below PDF that details the position and contact person.

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