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Archive: Sep 2013

WRTP/BIG STEP Partners with JATC’s

WRTP/BIG STEP has been hosting Training Director meetings over the past year to ensure they were meeting the needs of the construction industry. From these discussions, the JATC’s wanted to engage WRTP/BIG STEP to assist in connecting their Apprenticeship Programs with under employed individuals, and any person in need of mentoring, tutoring and further assistance to get into the trades.

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Steamfitters Local 601’s 100th Anniversary

A big congratulations goes out to Steamfitters, Local 601 on the celebration of their 100th Anniversary this year. However, their story actually begins on October 6, 1893 when they were first organized by the National Association of Steam and Hot Water Fitters and Helpers of America – a competing organization with the United Association (UA).

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Construction Matters

I usually take the time here to talk about what’s happening in our industry and what we should be looking forward to in the very near future. However, this month is a little different as many of us are mourning the loss of our friend, John Jorgensen.

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