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Archive: Feb 2014

Local 494’s Bringing the Union to You

It isn’t every day that a Business Manager and several Business Representatives show up on a jobsite to say thank you and update members on their recent efforts. Recently, Electrical Workers, Local 494 made the decision to start bringing information shared at their union meetings directly to membership. It’s no secret that attendance at union meetings is in decline – and Local 494’s decision to go to their members is working well.

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Introducing, Dan Bukiewicz, President of the MBCTC

For the past 27 years, Dan Bukiewicz proudly worked in the union construction industry as an electrician with IBEW, Local 494 and in management roles at a large electrical contractor. About two years ago he was appointed as a Local 494 Business Representative, and over that time period he became even more passionate about the future success of the union construction industry.

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