Building Advantage Wisconsin

Aurora Grafton Jobsite Tour

General Contractor: Mortenson

When Building Advantage went looking to find a jobsite to visit we didn’t have to look further than the Aurora Medical Center in Grafton. Currently, it’s one of the largest projects our members are a part of and it’s the second medical center Aurora will be opening this year. What’s interesting about this project is that a large majority of the workers also contributed to the Aurora Medical Center in Summit that opened earlier this year. Thanks to Aurora for their continued support of our members.

On Thursday, April 29, Building Advantage served 450 people on the jobsite. Through the help of Rick Senk, Mortenson Senior Superintendent and Ben Goetter, Mortenson Senior Project Manager, we were able to thank the workers for making projects like this successful.

Ken Kraemer was given the opportunity to speak to the workers and pointed out that because of their skills, contractors like Mortenson and customers like Aurora choose them to build their buildings. Building Advantage is proud to promote projects like this to current and potential developers, customers and trades people.

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