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FCPC Renewable Generation Digester

In October 2013, the Forest County Potawatomi Community (FCPC) completed a nearly $20 million renewable energy facility, the FCPC Renewable Generation Digester – their second of three large construction projects in Milwaukee.

They completed their $36 million Data Holdings Center in May 2013, and construction of their $150 million hotel is scheduled to be open in summer 2014. These projects have kept Building Advantage members working because of a choice the FCPC and Greenfire Management Services, LLC make when building – partnering with groups who want to do better for their members.

Greenfire was formed by the FCPC in 2010 and is a construction management, property management and owner’s representative subsidiary of the Potawatomi Business Development Corporation. They’ve managed all of the FCPC’s projects since opening, and are continuing to advance the Tribe’s missions and goals when it comes to construction.

That being said, the Tribe built the Renewable Generation Digester for several reasons, but mainly to protect the environment and Mother Earth. The Tribe has said that since 2007 they have reduced its energy usage per gross square foot by 12 percent and reduced their corresponding carbon emissions by more than 20 percent.

“Our Tribe’s culture and traditions establish a duty to help protect and enhance environmental resources,” said Potawatomi Chairman Gus Frank. “This project not only helps us meet our energy and sustainability goals, but is also important to the region as it removes a waste stream while providing clean and renewable power.”

According to the Tribe, the Biodigester project is another example of the FCPC’s ongoing commitment to Milwaukee, job creation and economic development. In fact, they even used two internal combustion biogas engines manufactured at General Electric’s Waukesha plant – once again keeping local workforces employed.

Building Advantage members are also grateful for the work they’ve performed for the Tribe and have consistently brought projects in on time and on budget. The relationship our Building Trades shares with the FCPC greatly benefits the Tribe and our members. In fact, the list of union contractors (and Building Advantage members) that performed work on the site includes:

  • Miron Construction
  • Gillen Foundations
  • Willkomm
  • Stark Asphalt
  • Martell Construction
  • Chilstrom Erecting
  • Choice Construction
  • Davco
  • Mortl Restoration
  • Munson Fencing
  • Winding Roofing
  • Milwaukee Plate Glass
  • Quality Ceilings
  • Omni Glass & Paint
  • David J Frank Landscaping
  • Bohmann & Vick
  • Grunau
  • J&H Heating
  • Uihlein Electric

With the work that Greenfire and the FCPC are currently undertaking, we’re happy to be part of helping the environment, keeping our members working and making a difference in Milwaukee. Next up for Building Advantage is to complete the hotel on time and on budget – and we’ll be sure to tell you more about the project soon.

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