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MPS students Engineer the Future

Milwaukee Public School students participated in a special event hosted by Prism Technical Management, Mortenson Construction, and the Milwaukee Bucks to promote careers in engineering, architecture and construction.

At the event, which was held on November 14th, 2016, the students listened to presentations from Mortenson project managers, Bucks officials, and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett about the different educational and career paths they should explore to begin working in a STEM-related field. Following the presentations, the students were all given models of the new planned Bucks’ arena to assemble as part of the program.
This hands-on building activity exposed the 200 plus students to different components of construction and engineering, and hopefully inspired them to continue in these fields. “Our objective is to show the kids what life can be like, what opportunities await them if they have any interest in engineering and the building trades,” Prism Technical CEO Randy Crump said.

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