Iron Workers

Iron Workers routinely raise, place and connect steel to form completed structures or structural framework. The placement of reinforcing bars in concrete construction, machinery moving and rigging of equipment, installation of miscellaneous fabricated building components, welding fabrication, ornamental, aluminum, sash, brass, bronze and plastic materials and work with metal to close tolerances are also routine.

Skills Needed

Manual dexterity, physical stamina, ability to think/react in fast-paced work settings

Relevant Classes

Shop and drafting classes, basic arithmetic, geometry

Education & Training

Iron Workers train through a 4-year apprenticeship program

Work Environment

Expect to work mostly outdoors on new and existing construction projects

Job Wages


Average Hourly Wage*

Entry Level






*Compare to Wisconsin minimum wage $7.25/hr

Job Outlook


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Jobs Expected


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Data source - Wisconsin Worknet 2013

Train for the Trade As An Apprentice

Iron Workers train through a 4-year apprenticeship program with no less than 6,500 hours of paid, on the job training and 876 hours of classroom instruction.

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