Painters & Drywall Finishers

Painters prepare surfaces for painting and apply paints, stains, varnish and other finishes to buildings and other structures.

Drywall Finishers (Tapers) prepare drywall panels for painting by embedding tape that covers joints and imperfections with drywall joint compound.

Skills Needed

Strong math skills, reading, spatial ability, manual dexterity, comfort with heights is helpful

Relevant Classes

Math classes and science classes

Education & Training

Painters and Finishers train in 3-year or 4-year hybrid apprenticeship programs

Work Environment

Finishers work indoors; Painters work indoors and outdoors, seldom in wet, cold weather

Job Wages


Average Hourly Wage*

Entry Level






*Compare to Wisconsin minimum wage $7.25/hr

Job Outlook


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Jobs Expected


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Data source - Wisconsin Worknet 2013

Train for the Trade As An Apprentice

Painters and Finishers train through 3- or 4-year hybrid apprenticeship programs.

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