Plumbers design, install, repair and maintain piping systems such as waste, vent, potable water, storm water, wastewater treatment and gas systems (propane, natural and medical) in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Plumbers assemble, install, maintain and repair pipes, fittings, fixtures, appurtenances and appliances according to plumbing codes.

Skills Needed

Strong math skills, reading, spatial ability, problem solving skills, manual dexterity

Relevant Classes

Algebra, geometry, science and technology education

Education & Training

Plumbers learn the trade in a 5-year apprenticeship program

Work Environment

Expect to work indoors and outdoors in existing and newly constructed buildings

Job Wages


Average Hourly Wage*

Entry Level






*Compare to Wisconsin minimum wage $7.25/hr

Job Outlook


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Jobs Expected


Through 2020 in Wisconsin

Data source - Wisconsin Worknet 2013

Train for the Trade As An Apprentice

Plumbers train through a 5-year apprenticeship program, consisting of at least 8,000 hours in the trade with on the job training and classroom instruction. Apprentices completing the apprenticeship requirements must take and pass the State licensure exam to become a Licensed Journeyman Plumber.

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