Building Advantage News


February 5, 2020
By: Dan Bukiewicz

    As a Co-Chair of the Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin (CLMC), I am proud to represent the union labor construction side of Building Advantage. Building Advantage brings both labor and management together with the shared goal of advancing our industry through cooperation and providing the safest and most skilled workforce in the area.

    The initial purpose of the CLMC was to achieve mutual objectives between labor and management, focusing primarily on the retention and recapture of the area construction market. Building Advantage - the main marketing force for our signatory contractors and labor craft unions – was created with that goal in mind. As the needs of our industry change, Building Advantage, with the installation of Nathan Jurowski as the new Executive Director, aims to completely rebrand and refocus our industry-led initiatives on marketing, workforce development and market share advancement. I am confident that these changes will be beneficial to our stakeholders in the construction market.

    I am excited to see Building Advantage evolve into an effective collaborator and resource for the most qualified, safest and efficient workforce in the state. With Nathan’s unique skill set, Building Advantage is ready to advance and improve our industry for all our stakeholders from craftsmen and contractors to developers, state/local municipalities and investors.

    The Milwaukee Building Trades Council is proud to partner with Building Advantage and we look forward to continued partnership to improve and revitalize the industry.