Building Advantage News


February 5, 2020
By: Kevin O'Toole

    As a Co-Chair of the Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin (CLMC), I am proud to be a part of the relaunch of Building Advantage. Our industry is built on a culture of doing things the right way. With several new changes, including the installation of Nathan Jurowski as the new Executive Director, Building Advantage is poised to showcase that dedication to excellence. 

    The original purpose of the CLMC was to provide an ongoing forum for union construction industry labor and management organizations to work together to achieve mutual goals and objectives. The primary focus of the CLMC was the retention and recapture of market share for the stakeholder members, and Building Advantage was originally created by the CLMC to advance these interests.

    Following a recent strategic planning session, the CLMC took the essential step of re-centering Building Advantage around the original mission. To increase reach and impact, we have also rebranded the organization. Most significantly, however, is the addition of Nathan Jurowski as the new Executive Director. I am confident that Nathan can provide the vision and enthusiasm necessary to achieve our mission.

    Given these recent changes, I am excited to see Building Advantage become an effective resource, advocate and partner in our industry.