Building Advantage News


February 5, 2020
By: Nathan Jurowski

    It was recently said that we are in the business of providing headache-free construction projects. As union tradespeople and signatory contractors, you understand the tireless hours and work that go into making this statement a reality. From the long hours of bidding and scheduling to the years of training and refining your craft, everyone involved takes pride in delivering on a promise. A promise that if you build union, you are guaranteed a quality product, on time, on budget and safe. 

    If you live this reality every day, then you intuitively know the value I speak of. However, there are those out there who didn’t get the memo or at least need a gentle reminder. That’s why the Construction Labor Management Council of Southeast Wisconsin (CLMC) created Building Advantage. 

    As the new Executive Director of Building Advantage, I am working directly with owners, developers and municipalities to advance union construction as a first choice. We are also partnering with industry groups and community leaders to ensure our stakeholders have the resources they need. We have established a robust Labor Management forum to address the needs of our industry. And we have created a marketing platform to actively promote the superior product of union commercial construction. 

    In the coming months, we intend to raise the visibility of your efforts and our industry. Our E-Newsletter is a tool to help showcase our progress, and we encourage your engagement and feedback. You do the hard work of doing things the right way, let Building Advantage tell your story.