Programs. The Process.

The Process

Ready to experience the advantage? 
Here’s how to get started with a career in the skilled trades.

Apprentice taking written exam

1. Pick a trade!

Which trade best fits your personality and skill set? We’ve made it easy to narrow down where you can be most successful. 


2. start the application process

Once you know which trades you’re most interested in, we’ll help you contact the appropriate training centers and start the application process. 


3. Be Prepared

Need help getting through the necessary requirements? We’re here to for you! Through the WRTP Big Step program, we can help you get your driver’s license, GED / high school diploma or even study for your upcoming aptitude tests.

WRTP | Big Step



4. Interview / turn in all documentation

After you make it through the first few steps, we’ll invite you in for your interview. We’re also going to ask for some basic documentation, like driver’s license and GED / high school diploma. You’ll also be asked to pass a drug test during the interview process.


5. Connect with local contractors

You aced your interview and scored a spot on the team of one of our valued contractor partners — congratulations! You are the future of the Wisconsin workforce, so these contractors are invested in your education. They’re committed to providing you with the tools you need to succeed as you master the skills that will help you deliver the high-quality work they expect from all employees.

Contractor Directory


6. Get to work and get paid

Learn from the pros and get paid like one too! You’ll work on high-profile projects under the guidance of some of the most respected contractors and leaders in the Milwaukee area. Earn money while you gain experience so you can live the life you always imagined - with no college debt. Experience the advantage of Building Advantage!