Where to start. What is an

What is an Apprenticeship?

Inspire change in a growing industry. Influence the design of energy-efficient skylines. Use your skills to develop communities and make a difference. 

Average College Student

  • Student loan debt: $37K+
  • Paid to learn: $0
  • Starting salary: $50K 

Average Union Apprentice

  • Student loan debt: $0
  • Paid to learn: $26.28/hr*
  • Starting salary: $25.7K - $42.8K**

*Not all locations offer classroom compensation.
**Average salary range when taking all trades into consideration.

“I just bought my first home and am looking to buy a motorcycle. Unlike my friends, I am not tied to any student loan debt. I go to work every day with a sense of pride, surrounded by my union brothers and sisters as we improve the great state of Wisconsin.”

The best-kept secret

Real-world, hands-on experience.

Apprentices work side by side with experienced tradesmen and women, watching and learning what they do. During evening classes, they learn the basics of their trade through technical books and instructors who have performed the same work in the field.

paid to learn. Seriously. 

New apprentices start by performing less complicated tasks while assisting on the jobsite. As they gain knowledge through classroom training and hands-on experience, they begin to perform more technical aspects of the trade.