Where to start. What to expect.

What to Expect

Make student loans a thing of the past! The union construction industry can offer you a high-paying career that PAYS YOU to learn valuable skills — all without being weighed down by traditional college debt.

$25.7K - $42.8K

Entry Level Salary*

$39.6K - $66.5K

Average Salary*

$46.6K - $78.4K

Experienced Salary*

*Reflects the average salary range when taking all trades into consideration.

Hard work = high reward.

That’s the Building Advantage!

Every apprentice receives four to five years of rigorous classroom instruction and on-the-job training to become the safest, most well-trained workforce in Wisconsin.


“My apprenticeship taught me real-world skills that I use every day on the jobsite. I learned from the best in the industry, and earned money while I gained experience. I’m able to live the life I always imagined — with no college debt!”